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Kintamani Ubud Tours

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Kintamani volcano tour Bali package is full day sightseeing program to visit Kintamani Volcano, Lake Batur, with the most beautiful Bali Panorama. Kintamani tour package one of the most popular The travelers Tours Packages, because they can learn more and touch…… insightly about the Balinese culture, Art, Countryside, and the natural beauty of the island, that’s rolled up in one. Kintamani is name of a place in Bangli regency which has stunning beauty with views of mountains and lakes Batur, it’s a very fascinating that’s why so famous sights of the past to the present.

The existence of the mount Batur (volcano) with an altitude about 1717 Meters above the sea level, is one of the active volcano which has errupted several times, the first eruption around the year 1817 AD until the last eruption in March 1963 AD, where the lava can be seen from a distance with a solid black color.And also on the slope of the volcano existence such of a large lake, with the width area of lake about 16,05 kilometers square or about 432 hectares which is until now used as a source of Water Irrigations for the agriculture in Bali.

Kintamani Tour Itinerary :    

Batubulan Bali Barong and Keris Dance
Batubulan : to watch the traditional Balinese Barong and Keris Dance at Batubulan village, and the name of Batubulan itself was formerly the name of a stone shines like moon, where at the place finally built a Palace by the adopted Son from King of Badung, which is empowered to build a palace on the eastside of Badung, Besides Art of Dance this area is also be centered place of Arts Crafts from various kind of stones.

Celuk Gold and Silver
Celuk : after see the Barong and Keris Dance, next stop we’ll go to visit the popular place as central village of Gold and Silver Smith in Bali, which is located about 10 minutes driving from Batubulan, and most of all Golds or Silvers, they get and imported from other island (Borneo Island), and with all their professional skills in making jewellry has passed through generation, the process they still do it by traditional method.

Balinese House Compounds
Batuan : next stop to see the traditional Balinese House Compound, based on the Asta Kosala-Kosali concept (Balinese Feng – Shui / Hong – Shui), and these concept that passed through the generation.Because in Balinese traditional beliefs, the house compounds has become symbol of the macrocosmos for those people who will live inside of the compounds. So this is one of the most important if we want to build the house.

Mas Wood Carvings
Mas : the second Art village will be visited after Celuk, and this place is also most popular as become the central village of Wood carvings, Furnitures, and other Wood Crafts in Bali. All woods that produced for their Art Crafts from many different kinds of woods, such as; Ebony Wood, Teak Wood, Sandal Wood, and Others with good quality, well inspected, and well treated.

Ubud Paintings
Ubud : very popular tourists place for the headquarters Artist of Paintings, and several Art Museums, also the existing Maestro of Arts. With it’s beauty is not only about Art and Culture, as well as regions that are on the plateu, the charm of their stunning natural beauty. It is often referred as Ubad (Balinese Medicine), for those who wants to get peace, and tranquility in Bali.

Elephant Cave Temple
Pura Goa Gajah : often called with The Elephant Cave temple which built up on the 11th century, when at the time still ruled by King of Sri Bedahulu.Based on Negara Ketha Gama Inscription written by Mpu Prapanca in the year 1365 AD, Goa Gajah actually comes from words of Lwa Gajah, is the name of an existing river just in front side of the Temple area, now named Petanu river.

Bali Coffee Plantations
Kintamani (Fruit Plantation) : after visit the temple of Goa Gajah next trip will stop to see many different kinds of the tropical plantations, tropical Balinese fruits, chocolates, and other Tropical herbs plantations.This place often frequently visited by Tourists who wants to know more about our Tropical plants, while they enjoy the taste of our Local coffee, and enjoy the beautiful fresh weather, with their natural beauty.

Kintamani Bali Restaurants
Lunch Break : will stop at Batur Kintamani for having Lunch with the amazing view of mountains and lakes Batur. The International standard buffet Lunch will be served for the Tourists. Natural beauty and enjoyment of food are so aligned on the side supported by fresh to cool weather, that makes this Kintamani restaurants very popular everyday to be visited by tourists from all around the world.

Tegallalang Bali Rice Terraces
Tegallalang : village which has a very popular for their rice terraces view and beautiful weather. Rice is one of the main food for Balinese or Indonesian people, and there are few different kinds of rice in Bali. Nearly all the rice fields that the Balinese people have had passed through their generation to generation. Until now the Agriculture of Bali still dominantly in Planting Rice.

Batik Bali Batubulan
Batik Batubulan : on the way back for the last stop will be at Batubulan village to see how’s the Balinese woman do their drawing skill on the materials and also do the traditional weaving in making Batik. There are few different of Batiks such as; Traditional Batik that they do by hands paintings and Modern Batik, which is doing still by hands but not in hands painting they do with stamp or generally called Batik

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Elephant cave

Mt of Batur

Lake at batur

Rice terrace

Monkey forest

Cifet coffee

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